Greg Magwood’s Internal Martial Arts


The annual fall retreat at the Straw Bale Octagon Arts Center in Madoc is
just around the corner. We are still taking registrations for the day.
Join in for one,two or all three classes and get in a great day of
training with excellent teachers
in a unique setting. You do not need previous Internal Martial Arts
training to attend. The supportive atmosphere offered at the retreat means
everybody is there to learn and share. The nature of the internal arts makes them the perfect cross training tool for all styles of martial arts. Tai Chi Fighting Applications with Sifu Greg Magwood 10am to 12pm Entrances and Chin Na with Sifu Terry Langevin 12:30 to 2:30pm Sticky Hands Skils with Sifu Robert Walther 3 to 5pm One class $35, two for $60 and three for only $80.

Food update,

Sunny Side Up is on for a authentic Okinawan and Japanese meal across the road from the arts center.

Three options offered Japanese Sweet and Sour Chicken Miso Glazed Pork

Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry all dishes come with entree, salad, rice, soup for only $12.99 please call for a reservation. They are offering a 5:15 and 5:30 sittings. Mention you are with the retreat and indicate your choice of dish and sitting when you call in. (613) 473-0765

Please contact me for registration at



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