4th Annual Fall Martial Arts Retreat – Magwood M.A.

We had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual Fall Martial Arts Retreat yesterday, presented by Sifu Greg Magwood, in Madoc, Ontario.

Over 30 participants, representing a variety of martial arts styles and clubs came together to learn and practice the techniques demonstrated in the seminars.

There were 3 distinct sessions in this lively seminar series which began with Sifu Greg Magwood’s informative presentation. He introduced many of us for the first time to the Tai Chi fighting application “Grasp Birds Tail” . Sifu’s fluid movements were so graceful and flowing, yet had strength and power behind each technique.

Sensei Stan Chisholm delivered a fast-paced session of Filipino Fighting techniques which saw us working through many defensive positions against our attackers.

Each session during the day complimented the previous one. The practice of the techniques deepened our understanding of the biomechanics involved in our physical movements …and how this was applied to our fighting postures.

The final seminar of the day was conducted by Sifu Walthers who helped us to grasp the concept of “inner movements”, the internal energies to work with as we faced opponents in a martial environment.

The presentations throughout the day were peppered with some light-hearted quips from our instructors which kept the atmosphere from being stiff and stilted, but at the same time, these sessions were chocked fulll of information to process as we worked through theses techniques.

Working with different partners throughout the day, made for an interesting mix of people and martial arts backgrounds, while we practiced and made new friends. The day ended with a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant where we feasted on a delicious Japanese home-style meal.

The next retreat will be in the Spring of 2016. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in advancing their understanding of both the biomechanics of our bodies and the variety of techniques presented by these great teachers…. Sifu Greg Magwood, Sensei Stan Chishom, and Sifu Robert Walthers.

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