Kyu Belt Grading – 5.31.15

BMA conducted a Kyu-Belt Grading this past weekend. Congratulations to all for your participation and hard work throughout the year… it was reflected in your performance and successful test results!

BMA - Kyu Belt Grading

(Special “Thank You” to Sempai Melanie for her assistance, participation and support of her fellow students during their grading… as she prepares for her own)

Bancroft Martial Arts is pleased to announce the following promotions in rank:
Hunter – to 4th kyu (Orange)
Paige – to 4th kyu (Orange)
Leon – to 3rd kyu (Green)
Sam – to 3rd kyu (Green)
Elizabeth – to 2nd kyu (Blue)
Jason – to 2nd kyu (Blue)

BMA - Kyu Belt Grading May31.15

Once again… Congratulations from your Senseis and fellow students – We are Proud of ALL of You!

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