Photo Gallery

The following pictures were taken of our club members

participating at various tournaments, seminars and club activities.

(photos by Sensei Wayne Lord)
Sensei Wayne Lord, * (foreground) *Sensei Mitch Boomhour, *(background)                                                                                                     practice the art of Iaido (Swords)

BMA members attend Haliburton tournament with Chief Instructor David Dalley (left-rear) and Sensei Wayne Lord (front-right)


member performs kata (forms) in competition




Member performs Kata (forms) in competition


Members spar in protective equipment at tournaments


Member performs Kata (forms) in competition


Member performs kata (forms) in competition 



Members attend Jiu Jitsu seminar in Maynooth conducted by Sensei Paul Fox – Menkyo, Chokushin Aiki JiuJitsu  (back row- far left) and Sensei Brian Bridgwater(back row- far right)

Chokushin Aiki JiuJitsu Club of Peterborough