As you will see and hear in the following video, Cam McGregor was exemplary in his recent testing before the CJC Board and received his BlackBelt.

Cam joined the club as a 10 yr. old in 2003 …with the sole focus of becoming a BlackBelt. Now, as has been noted by several of the speakers in this clip… this goal has been realized.

Cam has been praised by his instructors as a role model for any other student who wishes to attain this level of proficiency. This writer has gotten to know Cam only briefly during my training visits to the Combermere club, but I have found him to be both a hard-working and determined young man as well as an uke who is both generous with his understanding of our techniques and style… and considerate in his instruction of junior belts.

ALL of the Students and Instructors of both Combermere Martial Arts, and Bancroft Martial Arts offer our warmest congratulations to Cam in achieving two milestones. First at only 18 yrs. of age, he has graduated to the level of Shodan (1st Dan BlackBelt). Secondly, he is the first Shodan to have been trained through the auspices of primarily, Combermere Martial Arts.

Once again… our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!

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