SPARRING – with a Different Perspective

“It Doesn’t Matter  Who Wins?”  …did I hear that right? This seminar is all about fighting.. and he says it doesn’t matter? hmmmmmm!sparring seminar

…but “He” just happened to be Sensei Robert Walthers… a 40+year veteran martial artist…Chief Instructor for the Snow Tiger Martial Arts Association.  Sensei Walthers presented a fantastic sparring seminar, this past weekend  on November 24, 2013  at the ELITE MARTIAL ARTS  dojo. in Belleville, ON. Sensei was preparing us, through “releasing the outcome”…to develop our quickest reaction and delivery. He explained, then demonstrated, that in order to add speed to our techniques, we have to be free from all forms of tension… both physical and mental.  (paraphrasing…) “You aim be in a state of not thinking about the technique… just relaxing …then strike”.

We practiced a number of physical drills and mental conditioning that Sensei Walthers had been taught by a number of disciplines and masters…  teachings from many of the foremost martial artists of their time, in Toronto’s Chinatown. Sensei applied his years of experience in the martial arts to bring us a different perspective to sparring. Introducing elements to our sparring that many had not been exposed to before.

We practiced “no mind”, to empty our thoughts… which for most, may be harder to achieve than it sounds… along with breathing techniques, meditation and visualization. Throughout the seminar we focussed on several different practices designed to “loosen up” our mental conditioning about the need to win, and also relieve us of the tension in our physical bodies.  As we relaxed, we found that our strikes/blocks could be delivered with so much more speed and power , while not exerting ourselves.

The last 40 minutes or so of the 2 1/2hr. seminar was time to put into practice what we had worked on earlier…we got to use these “quicker” techniques against different opponents during  “free-form” sparring.

This was a seminar that brought some immediate results … particularly with speed… a noticeably quicker response  time that most would agree has improved their fighting skills. It was a practical clinic for all levels, ranks and styles of martial arts… and I would  highly recommended your attendance at the next one… for any martial artist seeking to hone their sparring techniques.

~ Chris McCargar  ~ Kai-Shin Karate “North Branch”, Haliburton, ON.

Attendees at Seminar:

Sparring Seminar-Nov24--2013

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