Hi Folks,
I will be hosting Sifu Simon Chong of Internal Harmony Kung Fu for a seminar in the fighting theory and applications of the 5 fists/ 5 elements of Hsing I.  
I will be running a class on stances and basic Hising I structures before Sifu Simon’s class to get everybody warmed up and to help people understand more about foundations of Hsing I.
Hsing I is considered one of the three main styles of Internal Martial Arts and has much to offer any martial artist.
Unlike the slow meditative nature of Tai Chi, Hsing I is practiced more quickly and focus on the production and delivery of internal power in a very pragmatic way.
These classes are open to all styles and levels of practitioners.
Sunday August 18th
     12:30 to 2pm,
Mud Tile Stepping and Basic Structures with Sifu Greg Magwood ($20)
     2 to 5pm,
Five Element Fighting Principals with Sifu Simon Chong ($35)
      Both classes for only $45
910 High St Peterborough On Unit #18 (Peterborough Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Jiu Jitsu)
map to location:
Hope to see you there.Greg
five element w sifu simon aug 13

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