It is with a profound sense of sadness that we mourn the recent passing of

Shihan Ron Forrester

Our most sincere and deepest condolences

to his Family and Friends.


As you may know, Shihan Forrester was

one of the most respected martial artists of his time.

He was instrumental both as the founder of the CJC (Canadian Jiujitsu Council)

and was world renown for his dedication to the development of the sport.

Sensei Lloyd*Sensei Stanton*Sensei Forrester*Sensei Walther

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We are deeply grateful for Shihan Forrester’s

significant contribution to our dojo…

 especially for those of us who were

directly influenced by his many seminars.

Thank you, Shihan…. You will be missed!

Shihan Ron Forrester 

FOR MORE INFO..   http://www.jiujitsucouncil.ca/forrester.html

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