Bancroft Martial Arts Head Instructor, Sensei Dave Dalley (3rd Dan) announced today that their Club’s Annual Invitational Shiai (shiai – “friendly competition”) will be held on Sunday, April 15, 2012, at the North Hastings High School on Monck St. (Hwy 28) in Bancroft, Ontario.

This tournament is co-sponsored by BMA’s sister club – Combermere Martial Arts.

It is likely that spectators accompanying the various clubs, their club’s participating competitors, along with their Senseis , will be in attendance from dojos in Haliburton, Peterborough, Coboconk, Bolton, Toronto, Mississauga and Glencoe, Ontario.

Come out and watch some outstanding competition!

For More information, please contact:

Dave Dalley  613-332-0431

Dr. Wayne Lord (office) 613-332-1155

                         (voice/fax) 613-332-4113


  • Sensei Micheal Chapman (Kai-Shin North Branch, Haliburton) has confirmed his club will be well represented.
    • During his club’s formal grading on Jan. 8th, many of the Chief Instructors from other  clubs were in attendance as Members of the Grading Board. As part of the announcements, both before and after the grading, he made a specific mention regarding the Bancroft Shiai.
    • Sensei Chapman has asked that all of his students begin to get ready now… to prepare themselves for the competition.
      •  He is expecting his entire club to participate!

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