Students Advance After Formal Grading

Kids, Teen and Adult students of the Bancroft Martial Arts Club recently  completed a formal grading in Karate and Jiu-Jitsu.

The test, which lasts several hours, is conducted annually. For the students, this is the culmination of anywhere from one year to four years of training. All students tested were successful and move on to the next belt level in their training.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the STUDENTS who worked hard throughout the year to learn, practice and demonstrate the required level of proficiency to be eligible for Grading. Your fellow students and Senseis are proud of You!
The following students from the ADULT Class graded successfully for on Nov 5, 2011 were:
  • Michaela Comrie – Blue with green stripe
  • Jason Smith – Orange
  • Bill Kilpatrick – Blue
  • Melanie Lord – Brown
  • Paula Sanders – Brown
  • Diana Smith – Brown

The following students from the KIDS Class graded successfully in May, 2011 were:
Yellow Belt
  • Beth Brownlee
  • Owen Carr
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Logan Kaufeldt
  • Liam Kelly
  • Zack Kisslinger
  • Ashley Stringer
Orange Belt
  • Austin Bentley
  • Payton Ross
  • Sam Rumleski
  • Jasper Schell
  • Ezra Schell
Green Belt
  • Isaac Heathcock
  • Landon Lockau
  • Peter McEnery
Blue Belt
  • Caleb Heathcock
  • Caelum Lockau
  • Victoria Sanders
  • Bowan Sidle
  • Dillon Simpson

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